Genesis Egg Sale is Live now!

Each NFT represent a wallets claim to their pet's token number, type and day passes when the Cryptogotchi contract is deployed. This is your ticket to mainnet. Keep it Warm!

Cryptogotchi NFT

A living interactive virtual pet on the Polygon Blockchain. Feed and play with your own Cryptogotchi and earn QSM tokens. Hatch your own egg soon!

Quantifiable Spacetime Meed (QSM)

Meed for short

Meed ERC-20 tokens are used internally within the Cryptogotchi ecosystem for things like purchasing Day Passes and minting of new NFT's. As a built in deflationary mechanism, any Meed tokens that get utilized are burnt and forever removed from circulating supply.

The Quantifiable Spacetime Cryptoverse


The upcoming online Blockchain Universe game where a user will be able to build, design and decorate their Cryptogotchi's home on its own decentralized plot of land with rare NFT’s. Accessorize their Cryptogotchi with apparel, hats, glasses, shoes and more. Play games with others or battle it out with an opponent for a prize!


2021 Q4

· Genesis Egg Presale

· Smart contract audit

· Cryptogotchi v1 & QSM Token

2022 Q1

· Coingecko & CMC listing

· New dApp interface

· Website update

2022 Q2

· Cryptogotchi v2

· NFT marketplace

· Exchange listings

2022 Q3

· Cryptogotchi battle/card game

· Exchange listings

Initial QSM Token Estimations

Minted Token Liquidity

9,200,000 QSM

devicesPerCycle(5,000) x
costOfNFT(1,840 QSM)

Initial price per QSM Token

.0000031 ETH

totalMaticFromPresale(28.5 ETH) /
mintedTokenLiquidity(9,200,000 QSM)

Initial price per Cryptogotchi NFT

.0057 ETH

initialPricePerToken(.0000031 ETH) x
costPerNFT(1,840 QSM)