Genesis Egg Presale

Raised funds from this sale will be used for initial QSM token liquidity and a contract audit. Cryptogotchi NFTs preloaded with day passes are limited to 1000 NFTs, first come first served. The sooner you enter, the lower numbered NFT you will receive. You are purchasing Day Passes at a fixed rate.

Address ?
wETH ?
Matic ?

rainbow cryptogotchi
Status ?
Remaining ?
Type Rainbow
Price .03 wETH
Day Passes 700
Total Mints 200
NFT ID#'s 51-250
first in flight cryptogotchi
Status ?
Remaining ?
Type First in Flight
Price .03 wETH
Day Passes 600
Total Mints 300
NFT ID#'s 251-550
death star cryptogotchi
Status ?
Remaining ?
Type Death Star
Price .03 wETH
Day Passes 500
Total Mints 500
NFT ID#'s 551-1050

How to Purchase

Click Connect Wallet then Approve. Choose the amount of Eggs you wish to purchase using the small scroll bar, then click Purchase. Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Once the transaction is complete, a Genesis Egg will be minted to your wallet. Use this Egg NFT to claim your Genesis Cryptogotchi once the contracts get deployed. Only 200 Rainbow, 300 First in Flight and 500 Death Stars will ever be minted.